CTO - Cold thermal oxidation is an innovative technology covered by international patent, and through specific formulation of the oxides and the catalyst substrate, allows simultaneously to achieve:

  • Effects of thermal desorption (with evolution of temperatures comparable to conventional processes),
  • Effects of inerting;

therefore differs substantially from the common treatment processes for the following three reasons, the object of patent claims:

  • Criteria for the characterization and selection of the reagent (CaO) balanced with other minerals;
  • control and modulation of the temperature in deficit of oxygen (with modulated temperatures from 60 ° to 500 ° C);
  • Monitoring of emissions and releases.

  After treatment, the recovered materials can be exploitable for reuse.



CTO - Cold Thermal Oxidation, addresses the following environmental sectors:

  • Remediation of contaminated sites;
  • Waste treatment.

CTO - Cold Thermal Oxidation, with different temperatures depending on the type of treatment, is addressed to the treatment and recovery of:

  • Residues of industrial processes including hydrocarbon compounds, including asphaltene and organic chemicals, solid, semisolid, pasty and / or muddy,
  • Land and inert contaminated  by hydrocarbon organic matrices,
  • Sludges generated by municipal and industrial water treatment,
  • Waste from municipal solid wet, differentiated and undifferentiated, and vegetals,
  • Animal manure and agricultural waste acids.


CTO - Cold Thermal Oxidation produces:

  • the sterilization and drying of wet residue;
  • oxidation of organic compounds, independently of their nature structure and consistency;
  • the irreversible fixing of any heavy metals present in the eluates;
  • enhancement and recovery of the material resulting from the treatment.