GasPlus is innovative technology covered by international patent that uses a mixture of industrial not harmful gases, used in the food industry. These gases can also be easily recovered from industrial activities depending on the type of application.

Said gaseous mixture, balanced according to the quality of the water to be treated, is dissolved in wells for the groundwater, and / or in the water plants for industrial and / or for drinking, in order to descale and to stabilize the oxygen and the compounds dissolved therein, to inhibit the formation of precipitates and thus the formation of sediment, encrustations, concretions and sludge.

The process allows the recovery and maintenance of the system well (well, equipment, instrumentation), lines and installations:

  • counteracting the formation of sediment deposits, concretions, silt and biofouling caused by the compounds present initially  dissolved in the groundwater, the water circulating in pipes and equipment of any kind.
  • Eliminating any deposits that were present at the start of treatment.

 The mixture, solute in the water, is adapted to:

  • Dissolve the limestone formations obtaining in water soluble bicarbonates;
  • Convert and keep the metal soluble compounds;
  • Stabilize the active oxygen by inhibiting the formation of precipitates.


GasPlus addresses the following areas:

  • water supply drinking, industrial and thermal;
  • environmental remediation of groundwater.

 GasPlus is directed to the treatment, the recovery and maintenance of:

  •  wells, lines and plants of water intended for human consumption, with the use of not harmful gases for food use;
  • wells, lines and plants etc.. for process water, in environmental and industrial sector, including the use of gases from industrial activities recovered and reused (CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage).